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All In One Marketing Machine

by oasisdayspa.com on 11/09/2012 - 01:44 pm

Category: Beauty Business

Hey There!

It's a new world in the beauty industry.  Everything has changed.  Reaching a new client is harder than ever unless you are able to reach them at the moment they need you.  And, they want a "deal".  So how do you reach your clients and be there when they need you?  This was the problem I was facing as an independent spa owner.  By myself, I couldn't afford to make a big enough impact in my own area to capture the business I needed.  Learning about internet marketing, social media marketing and the time and money needed to make those work was depressing.  But I did it. 

One of the first things I realized about doing internet marketing it is it takes almost as much time to manage one business as it would to manage 100.  So that's how my new directories were born.  To make this short and sweet, I've created two Beauty Industry Directories that do so much more for you than just listings.  They are the "All in one Marketing Machine."

The directories for Salons and Spas are:   Oasisdayspa.com   (Where every spa or salon can be an Oasis)  The purpose here is to create a national branding and co-op advertising dollars while creating a local sphere of influence for the salons and spas.

I've also created a Professional Organization for the Beauty Industry.  It's located at:  LicensedBeautyProfessioanls.org

The purpose of LicensedBeautyProfessioanls.org directory is to help clients locate lost technicnians, be able to rate their technicnians instead of the salon or spa, so that a great technician with great reviews does not leave those great reviews listed for their last salon.  The reviews follow the technician no matter where they are working.  Technicians also will have the ability to use the social media marketing directly with clients right from their computers.  But the main reason to join the Beauty Organization is to have a voice, use our numbers to gain benefits we don't have on our own.  Together we will have purchasing power, be able to get discounts on things we need, co-op advertise so we can compete with the new wave of national chain spas/salons.

I'd love for you to try them for free until the end of this year.   To learn more about them I've created a video at:          http://licensedbeautyprofessionals.org/content/why-list.html 
To Register yourself, make sure you watch the video for Licensed Professionals.

To Register your Salon or Spa:   http://oasisdayspa.com/content/why-list.html    Watch the video under Salons and Spas.

I hope you will spend the time to check out our directories and see if they can make a difference for you.  If you have comments or questions or suggestions I would love to hear from you.  The coupon code for your free membership is:  "GET LISTED". 

Best regards,
Sandra Curtis
Oasisdayspa.com, Licensedbeautyprofessionals.org
760 738-7546    sandra@oasisdayspa.com