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  • Find a Spa or Salon when you need one.
  • Get emailed offers, specials, events from your area.
  • Locate the professional products that you are interested in using.
  • Learn more about professionals products from the Sponsors Pages.
  • Find, Print and redeem a "Deal" from local Spas & Salons.
  • Help your Salon or Spa by leaving a review.
  • Locate new Services offered with the search tool.
  • Get emails about the events and charities in your area, support your neighborhood.
  • Find your "deal" on your mobile phone.  GPS right to the door.
  • Find a "deal" when your traveling.  Don't be lost in that big city.
  • It's free! Just watch the video below to see how easy it is to create your provide.

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Salons & Spas


Create and manage your story, your image and your results.  Update at any time.

  • Create "Deals" that fill those times with treatments that work for you.  You control how many, for how long.
  • Ask each client for a review.  Each account can only review you one time, but they can update their review at any time.  This can even be done while they are still in your salon and the experience is fresh in their mind.  They just need a visitors account.
  • Highlight your specialty.  Do you provide a wide range of services?  Are you into being "green"?  Let people know.
  • Link your site to ours, we will automatically create a backlink to raise your own sites rankings.
  • List and let us publish your local events.  These don't even have to be in your own salon.  Just anything important to you. (General audiance rated events only)
  • List professional products and equipment that you no longer need for others in the trade in the Classified section.  Other items can be listed as well.
  • Enjoy the Articles and Blogs, you might even want to write one yourself.
  • Check your reviews.  Thank your clients for their reviews.  If something didn't go right, this is your opportunity to contact the client and try to make it right.  No anonymous reviews.
  • Connect your Facebook, Fanpage, Twitter and even Link to your own website.  Post everything to social media.  This Directory encourages everyone to stay connected.  Clients can posts queries to you, "deals" to their "Friends".  You can stay in touch with those you've touched.
  • Included in your membership is your own Social Networking Site just for Salon/Spa Owners.
  • Mobile App will bring the clients right to your door.
  • It's only $19.99 per month.  Small one time fees for listing events and classifieds.

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Limited time offer for Professionals and Sponsors only.




  • Sponsors have a area for themselves to showcase their professional products, how they work, why they work and who's using them with our active search box.
  • Link from the Beauty Professional right over the the sponsor of the products they use so a new client and get a better idea of what is offered.
  • Sponsors can also create deals, list events, write articles, sell in the Classifieds and really showcase their products.  (for professionals who are members only)  Not for the general public or non-member professionals.
  • Add images, video, links and anchors to help manuver through your page.  Update at any time.
  • Link and back-link to your main website for even more information.
  • Connect your Fanpage and Twitter Accounts.  Be part of the conversation.
  • Create special "Deals" with the professionals that carry your products for their clients to use.  It's all possible.
  • Publish articles for new products.
  • Receive reviews from clients who love your products.
  • Be involved with the professionals who are representing your products.
  • It's only $79.99 per month.  Small one time fees for Articles, listing events and classifieds.


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